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Tova Environmental has invented and manufactured a H2O filtration system that operates completely off the grid.

This means that access to clean drinking water can be possible at the most remote of locations where access is extremely limited. 

The Tova System operates on solar, wind,

110v / 220v / 50Hz / 60 Hz and requires very little energy to pump 15,000 US gallons (56781.177 Liters) to 20,000 US gallons (75708.236 Liters) of water daily.

No filters to replace for 3 to 5 years.  Built to withstand the harshest of environments.

Tova Environmental designed and built a heavy duty reliable water production stations.  Construction is based on proven equipment installed in an all steal 5' x 8' (1.52 meters x 2.43 meters) shipping container.  Design and engineering is focused on a

low technology field friendly hardware.


Tova’s Water Purification Station (WS25) operates as a stationary stand-alone unit.

​It is a skid-mounted for either mobile or permanent installations for the production of up to 20,000 gallons of EPA/WHO-standard potable water per day. The unit is  powered by its integrated solar panels.  It also supports optional power sources such as wind turbine , battery, 2.5kw generator, and AC line voltage (50-60hz, 30-300v),


The WS25 is simple, tough and easy to maintain.  There are no automatic valves, high-tech/high maintenance hardware, sensitive electronics or hydraulics.  The unit is engineered for deployment and can be  operation in less than 10 minutes.  This unit simultaneous produces non-potable water for both agriculture and hygienic purposes such as drip irrigation, cattle washing/feeding, bathing, and laundry, etc.

The WS25 is built for rough terrain overland travel, air-drop, and/or seaborne delivery.  Engineered for long-term trouble-free service and little to no maintenance. The design objective satisfies the need for mobile water treatment plant that requires no hardware such as chemical, cartridge filters or other water purification products. A post-treatment, fully mechanical metered injection pump also ensures the integrity of previously compromised storage facilities when operated as an online chlorination.

​The WS25 is designed to pump and purify water to EPA/WHO standards at a rate of  40 gpm, dependent upon TSS/turbidity levels.  Each unit is equipped with 1 pump that will handle source water wells, bore holes, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, agricultural ponds, and catch basins (both deep-set low GPM and high volume shallow-set). Existing water mains where water in not portable can be piped into and out of unit for purification.  Pumping depth is a maximum of 300 ft (options of different pumps can be engineered to unit, i,e. 3 gpm to 60 gpm with possible depths of 1 meter to 183 meters.


The unit produces drinking water free of organic, non-organic, biological and viral contamination under any and all power options. The WS25 design eliminates impurities from large sediment through to the point of bacteriological and virus removal at the UV stage.

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